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DOT 406 Specification

A DOT406 specification tank is required per CFR49 Parts 100 to 185 transportation, for the transport of gasoline in a bulk container.

Due to the flash point of gasoline, this tank falls into the category of Class III Fuels that is REQUIRED to be Transported in a Code DOT 406 vessel. If this tank will hold gasoline, the tank is required to Meet DOT 406 Specifications, be labeled accordingly and be annually tested per CFR 49 requirements. Gasoline has a Flash Point of -40`F, which is lower than the 100`F for Class III Fuels to be included in the “non-code” section of this provision for Class III Fuels.

The DOT406 Tank meets the requirements of 49 CFR Ch. I (10-1-07 Edition) §172.102, B1 and 49 CFR Ch. I (10-1-07Edition) §173.242,Bulk Packaging for Certain Medium Hazard Liquids and Solids, including solids with dual hazards.

Only DOT406 specification tanks meet Federal regulations for the transport of Diesel and Gasoline over public roadways.

Click here to see the full specification on US DOT website.