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Integrated Fleet Fueling System


Lower Your Fuel Costs Now

Increase Your Fleet’s Accountability

Simplify Your Fleet Management

An integrated system offering complete fueling & fleet management. Designed to your specific configuration, fully assembled and tested at the factory.

Delivered to your site ready to go...

Integrated Fleet Fueling System
  • Aboveground fuel storage tanks for bulk pricing per load, and ensure a safe fuel supply during emergencies.
  • FuelStation is factory built to your needs. Choose from UL142 or UL2085 tanks, available for all types of fuel.
  • Completely integrated system, with 500-25000 gallon tank, pump, dispenser, hose & nozzle assembled and tested.
  • Fuel Management systems for tight inventory control and precise accountability. Eliminate fuel theft, estimated to be between 3-9%.
  • Next-Generation fleet management software. The industries leading fuel management programs, including the only fully passive RF system.
  • Electronic Tank Monitors keep fuel inventory monitored around the clock. Leak, theft detection, and remote monitoring systems are all available.

Advanced Fuel Systems provide complete fueling solutions. Favorable lease arrangements allow you to pay for your system as you use it. Use operating funds instead of capital funds, and start saving money now.

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